John Kennedy College is a boys' National College found in Vuillemin, Beau Bassin. Founded in 1963 and inaugurated by the then Governor General Sir John Shaw Rennie, the school bears the name of former American president John F. Kennedy. Since its foundation, it has met with many alterations in both the structural and pedagogical system.   The main areas of focus of John Kennedy College are the Sciences, Technical Areas and Economics. John Kennedy College was initially more technically oriented, because when the school was built it had state-of-the-art workshops and equipment. However, over the years the school also made its name in the field of science.

John Kennedy College students are also known as “Kennedians” and the school's emblem is the Bald American Eagle. The school's uniform is a pair of blue trousers and a white shirt with an eagle printed on the back. Purple is the colour that has always been closely associated with the college.
In July 2013, the John Kennedy College celebrated the 50th anniversary of the laying of its foundation stone.

Actually, the college has more than 900 students. Classes are offered from Form 1 up to Upper 6 with subjects like sciences, languages, mathematics, computing and technical subjects among others.